All Purpose, All Temperature Grease


TIBAL GREASE SUPER HT is a new generation high performance, high temperature, heavy load bearing and water resistant grease developed with a unique thickener system of over based calcium sulphonates, assisted by the use of high viscosity base oil.

TIBAL GREASE SUPER HT can be used for lubrication of arc furnace bearings, concast bearings, roller guide bearings, bushes of different shapes, working under heavy loads with medium /low rotation speed, exposed to high temperature and to water or water emulsions washing out and corrosive action
The grease is specifically recommended for high temperature applications in iron, steel, and metal industry on continuous castings and hot rolling mills, in paper industry as universal grease for drying and damp sections of paper mills, of continuous multicylinder  paper mills or in heavy industry in general.
TIBAL GREASE SUPER HT can also be used effectively for lubrication of sliding surfaces, joints, speed reducers, tooth couplings, etc exposed to water or to corrosive atmosphere and /or to heavy loads and/or to high temperatures. 

Excellent load resistance, with unrealized EP and Antiwear properties
Excellent behavior in a wide range of temperatures of use, from –20 to +250 o C
Superior adhesiveness to metal surfaces and resistance to water washing out action
Exceptional mechanical stability, even in presence of water
Excellent antirust properties
Excellent resistance to oxidation
Easy pumpability by centralized lubrication system