Special Purpose Neat Oil

is high-grade neat cutting oil, blended from highly refined mineral oils and additives. Sulphur and Chlorine are incorporated to impart extreme pressure properties. High quality fatty oils are added to provide improved lubrication under boundary conditions and also to impart wetting characteristics.

TIBALCUT- SCF is straight cutting oil and is used as such without any dilution. This is applied copiously to thoroughly flood the work tool chip area to derive maximum benefits of cooling so vitally needed to increase tool life and production.

TIBALCUT-SCF is recommended for variety of metal working operations on ferrous and non-ferrous metals .By virtue of its low viscosity , it has excellent cooling and chip flushing ability and therefore find use in gun drilling operations and particularly useful on pull-honing machines.

Has superior cooling and lubricating properties, which contribute towards clean work, excellent surface finish and minimum tool wear
Protects work-piece, machine components, and tool materials from rust and corrosion.
Enables obtain superior finish and accurate tolerances to the parts machined.

Typical Characteristics