We manufacture and market all types of petroleum products e.g.Engine oils, all types of Soluble and Neat Cutting oils, Rolling oils, Antirust formulations, Quenching oils, Hydraulic oils and all other tailor-made industrial oils. IPPL specialises in Metal working Fluids and manufactures state-of-the-art Soluble cutting oil emulsifier IPSOL-23. We also blend viscosity index improvers.

Greases: We manufacture all types of Lithium ,Calcium and Sulphonate base greases for automotive & Industrial uses
TIBAL GREASE- SUPER HT: Sulphonate Base, Water Resistant,
TIBAL  GREASE - MP : Lithium Base
TIBAL GREASE – AP: Calcium Base &

Lubricants: All types of Automotive & Industrial Lubricants.

Engine Oils: 20W40/15W40/5W30/5W50/10W30/
Hydraulic Oils: AW/EP/Special Grade
Transmission Oils: Type,” A”, F10, T20 & other import substitutes
Gear Oils: 90/140 GL-4/GL-5 ,sae 140, 80w90 etc


Special Fluids:
DAFC-30/50/60; URF 75:25,80:20,Plain; OMHB, Hydraulic Brake Fluids, DOT-3/DOT-4; LG10/90,PES–3, Fluid AL-31, Coolant G-12 and other NIV grade oils & Special fluids
Defence Gresaes: All type of XG/SG/LG Greses viz., XG 285,XG 276,XG 271, XG 293, SG 340,240,LG 340,MOLY,GRAPHITE Greases etc