Director’s Message

INDRAPRASTHA PETROPRODUCTS PVT LTD is headed  by Dr. Y.K.Gupta, a Retired Senior Research Executive at R&D Center, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Faridabad. He has a vast experience of Resaerch & Development in Petroleum Refining & Lubricants and in particular “Synthesis of Additives for Lubricants and Petroleum Industry”.   

The company has proven excellent capabilities to solve practical problems of its clients  in  lubricants  industy, such as development of TIBALCUT-XLC for Indfos Industries Ltd and development of TIBALCUT-NCV for SONA-OKIGAWA Ltd,

IPPL has been selected for award of Formulation & Technology Development of AlcoGel for Defence Forces by DMSRDE,Kanpur,& DRDO New Delhi, Min Of Defence, Govt of India