Director’s Message

INDRAPRASTHA PETROPRODUCTS PVT LTD is headed  by Dr. Y.K.Gupta, a Retired Senior Bureaucrat. He has a vast experience of  technical, administrative and Military Cooperation in field of Synthesis of Additives for Lubricants and Petroleum Industry”.   

"The company has proven excellent capabilities to solve practical problems of its clients  in  lubricants  industry, such as development of various High end solutions typically desined for its customers needs.

IPPL has been selected for award of Formulation & Technology Development of AlcoGel for Defence Forces by DMSRDE,Kanpur,& DRDO New Delhi, Min Of Defence, Govt of India

INDRAPRASTHA  has grown into a group of companies with acquisition of newer companies having closed technology know how from DRDO etc and are now involved in Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare developmental projects of DRDO.

Our Main bussiness activities started with production of Indian Lubricants to meet requirements of Indian Armed Forces and Civil bodies. It was started at a time when the same capabilities were sought after by India in Small and Medium Sector enterprises. IPPL was pioneer in Integration of High end technology with low cost outputs.

As we grew ,We have supported many smaller organisations of small towns with technical know how to develop small resourceful establishments meeting solutions for daily petro needs.

Today we have grown into a much Bigger group and our activities in Indraprastha are mostly focused on development of supply chain of Russian origin solutions through Russian legal state enterprises officially appointed by Russian state operators like FSVTS. Our executive team promotes use of certified goods sourced from Russian Strategic Partners. We in turn prove as a efficient and important intermediary,capable of getting things done.

The younger lot is working very hard to achieve excellence in all fields and our past associations helps."