Manufucturing facilitiues

UNIT I: Plot No 269, Udyog Nagar, Swaran Park, Mundka, Delhi 110041

IPPL has a state of the art reactor of 8 Mts capacity, a blending vessel of 20 Mts and two
blending vessels of 10 Mts each for blending of lubricating oils.The manufacturing of above
specialities using batch processes grants flexibility to the operations of IPPL , allowing the
production of a wide variety of additives and lubricants with very high quality standards and
guaranteed delivery deadlines for the customers. IPPL has 2x30 Kl storage facilities for Lube
Base Oils( Raw Material)

IPPL is capable of blending around 350 Brls (70 Kl) of finished lubricants in a two-shift
operation at our Mundka plant.
The Semi automated Plant is situated in a 10,000 sq ft on main Rohtak Road providing
very good connectivity with all over India.
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IPPL Plant is semi automated & run with the PID controllers to deliver timely and highest quality control.