High Base Synthetic Calcium Sulphonate

IP-300 is a high base synthetic calcium Sulphonate is a non-toxic brownish red liquid, with
flash point of 190 . It may react with strong oxidants.

The product has the advantages of excellent neutralization power and high temperature detergency and antirust property. It is mainly used for blending high and medium grade lubricating oil of internal combustion engine, which use fuel with high sulfur content so that lacquer and carbon residue deposits accumulated in the combustion chamber of the engines are not only greatly reduced, but also the cleanliness of the pistons can be maintained. Corrosion to the engine parts by acidic matters also can be prevented and the oil change period could be prolonged. Better compounding effect can be obtained with the addition of ashless dispersant, anti-oxidant and corrosion inhibitor. The quantity of the product to be added into lubricating oil is from 1.5% to 3.0%. It can blend CB-CD, SC-SE grade lubricating oil of internal combustion engine. It can also be used to formulate the Calcium Sulphonate base Greases.


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