Indraprastha Petroproducts Pvt Ltd.

INDRAPRASTHA PETROPRODUCTS PVT LTD (IPPL) is manufacturing and marketing various petroleum products and Lubricant additives under  brand name TIBAL® & IPSOL®. Incorporated in 2004, IPPL has an outstanding position in the market of petroleum products and lubricants. The company has proven excellent  record to solve practical problems of its clients  in  lubricants  industry, and to provide import substitute to all DEFENCE LUBRICANTS, meeting DEF STAN,GOST and MIL standards.

The company is supported  by Dr. Y.K.Gupta, a retired Senior Research Executive at R&D Center, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd, Faridabad.He has a vast experience of Research & Development in Petroleum Refining, Lubricants and in particular  in Synthesis of Additives for Lubricants and Petroleum Industry.

The day today,Marketing and Developmental activities are seen by Mr.PARIMAL GUPTA, B.Tech, a very enegetic,young and an able administrator.

The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is member of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
The company is approved for Manufacture of ALCO-GEL by DMSRDE, Min.of Defence,KANPUR,

The company is registered with NSIC,ASRTU,CIRT,Ordinance Factories and Other Defence Departments

IPPL is also dealing with Pentosin Germany and ITW Chemin(ROYCO Lubes).

All these products are supplied with Original Certificate of Analysis from Manufacturer of Original Country and Bill Of Lading is also given to prove authenticity of material.

IPPL is also a sub Dealer of Exxon Mobil Ind P Ltd for Mobil 1 5W50 etc. and other mobil products.


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